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GOOD THING promotes breast cancer awareness.

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Voices sing "Take the First Step To Check for Breast Cancer"

Article by Bonnie Brandsgaard
(LITTLE ROCK, AR) - "It's a Good Thing You're Here" is a musical variation on the national theme to prevent breast cancer. As a reminder to "get checked," the sing-along words in the card and compact disc offer nine versions, including -- gospel, rap, kids, country, jazz, pop, instrumental, and a house mix on which some of the voices are breast cancer survivors and their loved ones. As an educational piece, this greeting card and CD combination urges women to keep mammograms and screenings at the top of their to-do list.

Creator and producer Dawn Coppola said, "I can't imagine living without my Mom, and the lyrics are a reminder of how important people that we care about are in our lives. I want her and all the other moms, sisters and friends to know how they impact the lives around them and how important it is for them to get checked."

In less than two decades, breast cancer has gone from a whispered-about women's disease to a national voice that continues to grow in volume and number. Coppola explained, "I included the words in the card and an instrumental version on the CD, so you can sing the song yourself to someone you love. Sometimes we all put off checking; sometimes we are too tired to remember. But, this theme song gives voice to the people in your life who need you to stay alive. The lyrics of the song gently urge all women to keep on trying because others want them to be there-day after day."

"It's a Good Thing You're Here" calls for a commitment by women to take charge of their health by learning about better screenings and treatments. The CD-CARD was partially sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation through the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as an educational tool to promote breast self-exams and early detection.

"There are several layers of meaning designed into this compact disc," said Coppola. "The interlocking bubbles of water were chosen for the art on the CD, because the bubbles parallel the lives of so many women. The good that women do impacts their children and others who, in turn, impact even more people. So, all that positive influence becomes interlocking like bubbles in churning water. Equally important, as you're going through your life, you generally don't see the people you are influencing. Your life is like a boat that is going forward, which leaves a wake of influencing bubbles. (JT). But, if anyone looking at the CD art has other thoughts about the image of bubbles, I'd like for them to e-mail me with their thoughts."

Coppola added, "The whole point of sending the CD as a card came to me because I wanted to communicate to my Mom through a printed way. The greeting card can continue to remind her how she has affected my life. I am trying to continue her positive wake of bubbles in my actions, which she started. So, it becomes a full circle of the giver and the receiver."

Each panel in the greeting card is important, said Coppola. "The first page contains educational facts, which are important to accept. This page speaks to the many people who are in denial about the risks. The middle page lists the different types of songs, which represent all kinds of people. As a global message, I wanted to show that we are all important to our families and friends. The far right panel in the card is blank for a purpose. Senders can fill in that space with their own words and record what they feel. On the next panel, I put the title of the song, which incorporates blue sky, colorful flowers and red hearts to represent how simply being alive should be cherished. Together, they symbolize how much more dear your life is when you become aware how much you mean to others. I'm hopeful that it sends another message to women to be checked. Why wait until you're diagnosed with cancer to realize how wonderful your life is."

Coppola explained, "we decided to feature a typical physician's office on the back because for a lot of people it may seem foreboding. But, it's really not as scary as you think. It's just a room full of people who are brought together by similar circumstances and are there to fight. The patients, their families, the physicians, nurses and technicians all have a common goal --- checking for breast cancer."

The CD-CARD cover, which features a radiograph image of a woman's breast with flowers to symbolize the screening process, the beauty of women, and the hope provided by early detection.

It's a good thing you're here.
I don't know what I'd do, living even one second without you.
It's a good thing you take that moment to check, so my moments with you will go on.
It's a good thing you give me the time that you do,
Cause where on earth would I find another angel like you?
So keep watch, take good care of the life I hold dear.
You are precious to me.
It's a good thing you're here.

It's a good thing you're here.
And I'm so happy. I love you girl.
To some that may sound sappy.
But if you watch, eat right and pray,
I'll guarantee you that we'll all be here another day.
I want to see your smiling face at my house, in my arms, in every place.
When I reach out, I want you to be near me.
Take care of yourself, do you hear me?
I do not take your love for granted.
It seems like life with you's enchanted.
And even if I do not say it, I think you're way hip.
Trust in God to walk beside.
Face your life and do not hide.
Get checked girl, sweet angel baby.
Forever you, I love you like crazy.
And, it's a good thing, hey, hey
Do it cause you love me.
Don't be afraid and don't be stupid.
Get checked.

© 2000 Dawn Coppola Music (ASCAP)

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